Thursday, July 9, 2020

JULY 2020 -- Heart Strings

Heart strings,

Will you play

My heart strings?

Pick each note,

Stroke and strum

With gentle care,

With loving touch.

Wrap me in

Your melody.

And I in turn

Will harmonize,

Find your strings,

Learn our tune.

Stroke and strum

With gentle care,

With loving touch,


As we write

Our symphony.

Friday, June 12, 2020

JUNE 2020 -- Thoughts of Clouds

Condensation parking lots
Light and dark and gray
Overwhelming in a storm
Understated when it’s fair
Daily forming, always morphing
Sculptures in the sky

Cotton billows

Thunderhead mounds

Wispy tendrils

Striated strands




To reform 


My anger is a cloudy day

Hiding sunshine

Behind rain

Even my darkest sulking

Merely a storm front

Passing by

Sunday, May 3, 2020

MAY 2020 -- A Tent Sprouted

The following poem was inspired by an actual tent created during the first weeks of our state's "Stay Home-Stay Healthy" response to the Covid 19 pandemic.


When a tent sprouted in our living room
Draping it with blankets, sheets, and throws
Soft soothing walls
A cocoon
A cover
A comfort
I knew this structure needed to stay.

A textured maze full of small, hidden rooms
Spots for reading, homework, playing games
Lit by flashlights
All beaming
All steady
All certain
I treasured this harbor within our home.

A warm, cozy nest, a sprawling refuge
Defended by its young gatekeepers
You entered here
Heart crossed
Oath taken
Treats offered
I smiled when I heard “Mom, come on in.”