Monday, February 10, 2020

FEBRUARY 2020 -- Celebrating Presidents Day with a Poem

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                                 The office of the president
                                  Is one job no one should crave
                                  If your skin’s too thin, or heart too broad,
                                  Or your mortal soul you’d like to save.  
                                  You run a gauntlet festooned
                                  With big doubts, road blocks, and fear,
                                  Requiring grit and fortitude,
                                  Yet not the need for affirming cheer.
                                  Your cabinet might thwart you,
                                  Congress lives to make things tough.
                                  For even when you bull’s eye the green,
                                  Spin can leave you playing in the rough.
                                  Yes, president’s a thankless job
                                  No matter if you’re red or blue.
                                  Your only hope is that history
                                  Looks back with a gentler, kinder view.

Friday, January 10, 2020

JANUARY 2020 -- NFL Playoffs, Anyone?

No, I'm not a Raven or an Eagle.

A little haiku fun as the National Football League playoffs enter their second round and my team is still alive.


 Numbers on my mind:
      Fourteen, sixteen, twenty-four . . .
            Most of all big three.

Nails bitten, nerves wrecked . . .
My team plays again tonight.
Let’s win by two scores.

It’s a cold, cold field
In more ways than one, so let’s
Put the heat on high.
                          Quarterback battle
                             Team weapons at the ready
                             Arm, legs, and wit win.

Friday, December 13, 2019

DECEMBER 2019 -- Not Your Standard Christmas Carols

Rewriting  Christmas carols was so much fun that I thought I'd give it another whirl.

[Tune: Oh Little Town of Bethlehem]

Oh little children, dry your tears.

That weatherman is wrong.

Snow flurries, bah. Forget ice chills.

Let winter winds blow strong.

No storm can delay Christmas,

Those reindeer will take flight.

Your presents shall arrive on time . . .

Santa will come tonight.

[Tune: Away In a Manger]

Away to the toy store, more presents to pick

For little dear children who won’t care a lick.

They’ll fight and they’ll quarrel, their new toys they’ll break,

While Mom and Dad settle for pounding headaches.