Wednesday, June 14, 2017

JUNE 2017 Writing Prompt -- Curiosity: A Drabble

Telling a story in exactly 100 words? That would be a drabble. I was first introduced to these little nuggets years ago in the fan-fiction world. I liked the challenge of brevity, of trimming the fat. Of making one word do the work of many. Perhaps that's why nowadays I challenge myself by writing children's picture books.

The Pinterest pin that inspired this post can be found here: Curiosity


     “Angels in heaven! It’s ginormous!”
     “Precisely why we are here.”
     “It’s gotta be as big as a cook stove!”
     “A shade bigger, I think.”
     “How long do you think it took?”
     “To reach those dimensions? Several years.”
     “But why?”
     “Does it matter?’
     “You? Not curious?”
     “The curiosity of cats is over-rated. However, there is one trait that is not.”
     “Hey, where are you going?”
     “To do what any cat must do.”
     “But it’s ginormous.”
     “We’ve covered that.”
     “Just be careful.”
     “I have nine lives.”
     “Yeah, well that big old ball of yarn you’re aiming to play with probably has ten!”