Wednesday, November 2, 2022

NOVEMBER 2022 -- Wild Skies

 November is a month of counting blessings and being thankful. The following poem and artwork illustrate something for which I am very thankful, not just in November but throughout the year.

© LJR 2022



When the sky’s ablaze with color

In some wild, prismatic display,

It reminds me of my certainty

This world is not some cosmic fluke.

There is purpose to my daily struggles.

There is hope beyond my fails or grief.

I will face no walls I cannot climb,

 I will cross no depths too deep.

Now many folks will scoff and argue,

They prefer things black and white.

But my faith’s a well of vibrant colors

I can draw my fill from every day.



Saturday, October 1, 2022

OCTOBER 2022 -- The Missing Ingredient

© October 2022



Eye of newt, knee of frog,

Mud found deep within the bog.

Dragon scale, rotting yam,

Lots of greasy green toe jam.

Stir and mix, mix and peer,

There’s still something missing here.

Roasted toad, gnarly bat,

Shivers from a fraidy-cat.

Mummy dust, werewolf fang,

Mushrooms yield their graveyard tang.

Stir and mix, mix and peer,

Nope, still missing something here.

Pickled toad, fresh squeezed snail,

Feathers plucked from raven’s tail.

Zombie drool, chicken feet,

Cup of slime that slugs excrete.

Stir and mix, mix and peer,

What could still be missing here?

Scarecrow brain, harpy egg,

Wart scraped from a troll’s left leg.

Wombat scat, three dried mice,

Maybe just a pinch of lice . . .

Hold your brooms, give a cheer

I know what’s still missing here!

Closer, dear, now here goes . . .

I need that booger from your nose!