Friday, September 11, 2015

SCBWI Insight Write This -- July

Included in SCBWI's new online newsletter, INSIGHT, is a feature called "Write This." Writers are challenged to submit up to 50 words based on a specific prompt. In the July issue, they published the first 500 submissions and I made the cut. In following months, they will only be publishing their selected "Top Twenty." You will probably want to check here for my attempts.
July prompt: write a character description in fifty words using the word "WART."   
When one old aunty whispered "Poor child, he's as ugly as a wart on a hog," Isaiah Broomfield's brothers laughed and called it payback for his arrival messing up their summer. Unfortunately, Wart was the kind of a nickname that stuck. As did the ugliness that fed on it.

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