Friday, June 17, 2016

June 2016 Writing Prompt - Goodbye Song

The inspiration for this month's prompt response can be found here:
Goodbye Song
Feldstone. Mr. and Mrs. Feldstone. That’s what Matron called them. It’s a nice name. But are they? None of the last people were. I can’t tell you their names—those are gone. Just like them. But not the meanness. That won’t go away. They liked being mean.
But these new people? I’m going to hope for niceness. There are nice people. Mama told me that. And Mama wouldn’t lie. Liars go to the other place. Mama went to heaven.
A man and woman just arrived. Are they the Feldstones?
Yes, Matron’s talking to them and they’re all looking at me. I like their smiles. The last people didn’t smile much. At least not at me. Yes, I’m going to hope for niceness this time. And that I won’t have to use my goodbye song.
But I will if I have to.


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